34 Days to go

At 34 Days to go we're sharing with you this 3D City Playmat.

On it's own this playmat is all about a race track or roads around a city - if you choose to bring in technology it creates a 3D playmat that makes the cars and characters come alive.

We love that this playmat gives you choice and lots of different ways to help your child learn.

On it's own you can talk to your child about ..

  • The City
  • How to cross the road
  • Safety
  • Exploring buildings and what they might find in the city

With the App (3DUplay) that you can download from your favourite App Store, the cars and characters come to life, they appear in 3D and the app will take your child through a series of mini games to unlock different cars for them to play with.

    Not only do we think this is a great learning resource on it's own - it's also a great toy that you can use to start introducing technology (if you want to) into their lives.

    Available here: