97 Sleeps till Santa - Today's different!

We mark today with a tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

As we all come together to reflect, celebrate and mourn the loss of our Queen our social media will remain silent as we respect the most incredible lady who reigned our country for 70 years.

She was, in many people's eyes the Grandmother to our Nation, a lady who had to show steely resolve when things got tough but from all the recent reports you can see she upheld the family value that we at Junior Bambinos hold in high regard.

When you see the films and videos that are appearing about her life behind her reign, you can see she tried to create that balance of family life that many of us struggle with today.

You can see just how important it was for her to still be Mama, Grandma and Gan Gan! 

Today we say Thank You Ma'am; your legacy will live on, your inspiration will ripple through so many and your commitment to our country will never be forgotten.

From everyone at the Junior Bambinos Team - 'Thank you for your Service'

Lind xx