Day 1 - Why school was closed at 9:30am - Junior Bambinos

It started off so well...

Just after 8am our little girl wanted to do her maths homework.. so she sat at the table, opened her Learning Log and began to do her maths. Daddy joined her when she got stuck and between them they were able to work through the answers.

As 9am drew closer I was feeling the pressure to get Jo Wicks on... and that's when my day unravelled. We've never really used the functionality of our Smart TV - and of course just as I want to use it the YouTube App doesn't work. It didn't matter how many google searches I did or how many YouTube videos I watched on my phone to sort it out, it just wouldn't work.

In comes the Hubby switches on the PS4 and there you go we've got YouTube and we're already... Just before he begins.. "I'm not doing PE Mummy" said Jessica - "I'm not doing it either" said Zachary and off my little girl stomps out of the room.

Daddy comes back in and tries to encourage them to do PE and for all of 2 mins we pop on Alexa to give us some background music (we didn't realise he wouldn't be 'pumping it up') and they jump around (a little).

Next thing... "I'm not doing this anymore" is all I can hear from the living room whilst I'm trying to deal with calls and queries and that's where the school day paused! Both kiddies sat on the sofa and grumpy about having to do PE saying "This isn't school" "I'm not listening anymore" "you're not the teacher"and right in that moment they're right - I'm not their Teacher and nor am I trying to be..

I am their 'Mum' and that's what they needed right there in that moment. So I closed 'school' and let everyone have a break.

I then re-opened after lunch with Forestry school - also known as playing in the garden..😜

By the end of the day both kiddies were shattered, I'd regained my sanity and whilst I reflected on how I can't do everything I also realised I'm not expected to either! They're loved, feel loved and are safe and right now that's all that matters. 💓

Stay Safe

Lind xx