Day 2 - We were up and ready for 9am - Junior Bambinos

So whilst our schooling might not be going quite to plan, I'm trying to instil routine. 

I've decided that taking baby steps each day will help us all to adapt. I've still to work and can work from home and my hubby is classed as a key worker keeping transport moving, so we have to make it work for us.

Today, we ensured that we were up, breakfast, dressed and ready to start at 9am. The kiddies did Dough Disco - which they enjoyed and then had some fun with the play doh.

We also had forestry school today too 😜 - they got some fresh air, ran around the garden and we took the pressure off!

Tomorrow we're going to take the time to organise ourselves and the house - I thought I'd organised all the arts and crafts we might need but tomorrow's lesson is about sorting, grouping and counting their toys! 

I have a background in learning and development and it's quite easy for me to coach my little ones whilst applying learning from their Early Years Framework. I'm sure we'll get more structured as the weeks go on but for now it's working and I'm not putting us under any pressure - the world has enough to deal with right now!