Our new world ... Homeschooling (for now) - Junior Bambinos
So far tonight....

"I'm not coming to your school tomorrow if you're teaching me"

"I wont be attending Ladley School"

"Do I need to wear my uniform"

"I'm not going to be listening tomorrow when you call school-time"

"Why are you teaching us?"

"Do you know in the morning, you need to come in say good morning and take the Register then we will need break, lunch, playtime and we all say goodbye before we go home"

"What will I be having for dinner tomorrow?"

I see that tomorrow is going to be fun with my 4 and 5 year old 🤣🤣

You may not know that from the age of 7 years old I always wanted to be a Teacher (a primary school teacher) - I ended up being a Trainer where I write and deliver training to corporate business' (I was Head of Training for a number of well known retailers hence why we have Junior Bambinos today).

That said training others wont be like teaching our own children...

Looking forward to spending some quality time with our two children tomorrow and we'll be going live with some of our lessons just to pop in and say Hi!

Our site will still be running in the background... I might teach them how to update the website or answer customer queries!!