A Heartfelt Thank You as we say Hello to 2018! - Junior Bambinos
Here I am sat in my PJ's ready to welcome 2018 as the hubby is upstairs trying to settle our little bambino's to sleep (they had a nap a little late in the afternoon today!) - and I'm sure many of you are doing exactly the same as us...
However, whilst I have a cheeky 5 mins downstairs listening to the cries of not going to sleep I wanted to pop by and not only wish you a Happy New Year and hope that 2018 brings you everything that you want, I also want to send out a heartfelt Thank You.
We started our journey back in 2009 as EcoToyStore and over the years, and 2 Bambinos we've re-developed our brand into what you know today: Junior Bambinos
Let's be honest about this year .. as I reflect it's been a tough one - there's been several times where I've considered the future of Junior Bambinos as the likes of Amazon, Aldi and the larger retailers started to bring out their own range of wooden toys and they all started to compete on price and I knew we couldn't do that. 
We've invested a lot of our time and energy into Junior Bambinos and we have BIG plans for it's future - and the message I received just after Christmas not only brought a smile to my face and a little lump to my throat - it also made me realise that our business is about making our Bambino's happy, it's about sparking their imagination, their creativity, their wonder and it's about starting them on that development journey as they grow from Baby Bambinos into Junior Bambinos.
Thank you for supporting our brand - we'll be making a few tweaks as we head into 2018 and hoping to bring you plenty more new brands along the way.

I'm looking forward to helping you create those treasured memories with your Bambinos in 2018 - just like we did here....
Ariel Land to Sea Castle - KidKraft - Competition  Winner

Hope 2018 brings you everything you want and let's hope you get a good nights sleep tonight ;)
Lind & The JB Team xx
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