Covid-19 in the eyes of a 4 and 5 year old! - Junior Bambinos

I've thought long and hard about when is the right time to post about Covid-19 and whether I should post at all... but over the last few days a couple of things have struck me...

You may or may not know that we're parents too! I (Linda) have a 4 and 5 year old and Zoe (my Sister in Law) who recently joined the business has 2 girls (my fab Nieces) and for them in the main, how they see the world hasn't really changed.

At the weekend they still wanted to play, they wanted to paint, they wanted to go outdoors on the trampoline, ride their bikes and they wanted to read and learn new things and, do you know what, I want to keep it like that for them!

This morning I heard Jessica tell Zachary to wash his hands and sing Happy Birthday 'twice'!! (very firmly twice) and that is all I've heard.

Around us we're surrounded by so much media we don't actually know what's right or wrong. It's created fear and panic and whilst I'm not shielding them from it, I'm not exposing them to it either.

What I will be doing is using this extra time that we get as schools close and we go into lockdown to spend more quality time with my family. I want to take the time to share in what they're learning, teach them new things and just soak up life without the chaos.

To all of our Teachers and Childcare providers thank you for looking after our little ones right now!

And when the time comes we might need a hand with how you keep them occupied all day ;)!

Please do stay safe and always trust your instincts!

Lind & Zoe and the Junior Bambinos Family xx


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