Epic Mummy Bambino Fail - Preparing for Christmas - Junior Bambinos

So this year we've decided to get a little more organised with Christmas (well we spotted a deal that was too good to miss) and in our wisdom we decided we needed to build and test our gifts and then put them away until the Big Man arrives! Something which I advocate to check everything's there - you don't want a disappointed Bambino on Christmas morning. 

Last night, Daddy Bambino built and tested said Xmas gift (don't want to share what it is here just yet as I've already failed at keeping this a secret!) - and due to the time of night he finished, we didn't want to move it.. So hubby put a blanket over it in a room that our Bambino's don't normally go in... (yes.. don't normally go in!)

Cue.. this morning's antics (now you know this was going to happen) - I was on the phone (Daddy Bambino was have a lay in) and both Bambino's go into the room (that they don't normally go into) and yes.. pulled the blanket off..

Our eldest Jesscia just said 'Look Mummy, look' and then cue me frantically shuffling them out of the room, quickly putting the blanket back on and hoping that we've not spoilt the surprise.

So the question is now...

  • Will they forget about it until the big man arrives?
  • Was she not that excited (as we wanted her to be) because she didn't really know what it was?
  • Have we just ruined Christmas?

I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens on Christmas morning???

Lind xx

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