Happy New Year - Junior Bambinos

As I sit here and reflect on 2018, my heart warms (and sometimes melts!)

At the beginning of 2018, like many other retailers we faced a decision of whether to build Junior Bambinos or close it. Junior Bambinos has been at the heart of our family for the last 9 years (previously Eco Toy Store and Childrens Eco Furniture) however retail is changing and to navigate that change it takes time, commitment and a steely determination to wind your way through it.

I hope by now you realise we took the decision not to close .. and we're so glad we didn't. However, we couldn't have built a business without you - so thank you for helping and supporting us during 2018 - it really has made all the difference!

2019 will see our business turn 10 years old, we're a flexible business that can adapt and change as we need to and we'll continue to do that as we navigate our way through the next year or two. We will be saying goodbye to some lines and hello to some new ranges - some of which we'll be sourcing ourselves - so a very exciting development for us. 

And... what's 10 years without a celebration or two... our birthday isn't until August so keep an eye out on that month.

But.. it's not been all work and no play, we have 2 little one's; our 'Bambino Testers' as you'll commonly know them. At the beginning of 2018 one was heading to pre-school for the first time at the age of 2 and the other was heading back to school.

As a working mum this year I got it, I started to understand what it was like to juggle motherhood and a full time job and at times this year I often felt overwhelmed - not giving enough to anyone, anything that needed it (me included) but hey I made it.

I learnt ....

  • That your kids are at school for a very long time so if you're not settled with the school they're at then change it. Yep I changed Jessica's school - not because of the teachers (I may add) but because I got a glimpse of something that didn't sit right with me. So I trusted my instincts!
  • That you can't do it all without being super organised - and believe me at times I'm not - there's many a time I'm running around in a morning trying to find uniform that's not been washed (and let's forget the ironing)
  • Routine... we lost ours but 2019 will see it come back
  • We're important too! #selfcare has been the buzz word over the last 12 months and I'm certainly not one for buzz words but it does have an important message - we need time for us too. 
  • Being a parent is THE best thing that's happened to us, at times it's challenging and having 2 little one's very close together is fabulous for their development but can often challenge our thinking. Best to just roll with it..
  • Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is just a phase!!

To all of our friends, customers past, present and new thank you so much for being with us on our journey.

We wish you all a happy and healthy 2019 and look forward to chatting with you more over the year ahead!

Lind and the Junior Bambinos Team xxx