Our Holiday Adventure - Junior Bambinos

Here at Junior Bambino's we're very lucky to be able to take holidays with our two Bambino's and even though we might find it a little stressful at times, we know that it's quality time with our family.

This year, we embarked on a new destination for us: Bulgaria. We've never been before, heard great things about it so along with our family we flew out earlier this month.

At the time of booking, I didn't think about much - just checked the hotel would be okay and we're good to go.. As the date got closer it then hit me that we're going on holiday with a 17 month old, who loves to walk - doesn't like being in his pushchair much and is 'into' everything. I think we'd officially call that 'exploring'!

We also have a 2 1/2 yr old who loves to walk - doesn't like being in her pushchair that much and is 'into' everything albeit she can talk and constantly questions 'what's that?' 

At this point, we had a decision to make - 2 pushchairs, 1 pushchair, no pushchair?? We decided it was too soon to have no pushchairs at all, and we weren't comfortable with only having 1 pushchair - what if my eldest wanted a sleep during the day what would we do? So, we opted for 2 pushchairs.

And that was my opportunity to pop out and buy us some new ones (well we all love a pushchair!) - I opted for the Graco Evo Mini for both of them - in the same colour! (Toys R Us had an offer on) and I couldn't have been happier. They folded flat and opened one handed. We popped one pushchair straight into the hold of the Plane, and kept one with us until the Gate - popping them both in a protective pushchair bag so they were easy to carry at the other end and easily recognisable to us.

The Plane journey was a breeze (albeit our youngest was a little wriggle bum) - we've always booked the kids their own seats just to give us more room - appreciate that not everyone wants to do that or can afford it but it's always worked for us. (Don't worry they sat on our laps for take off / landing / seatbelt signs etc...) And.. I just can't understand why any airline thinks that you can keep a child (under 2) occupied on your lap for the full flight!!

Transport to and from the resort was quick, our eldest loved going on the Bus seeing the different sites and hotel check in was fairly quick.

Our hotel (Marvel) was okay - nothing special, food wasn't great but our Bambino's still ate. They got some veggie's but I did wonder if they'd come back looking like a chip or a pizza slice ;).

They loved the Pool - our eldest would have stayed in it all day if she could and we just made sure they were well protected.


The resort: Sunny Beach was lovely. It was busy with quieter areas if you wanted to get out of the hussle and bussle and it did cater for families with small children - albeit I would say that if you're looking for lots and lots of child activities you may struggle.

Our Bambino's enjoyed time on the Beach Bouncy Castle and in the Fun Fair, but there wasn't too much for our little boy to do.

The resort is nice and flat so we regularly enjoyed a long walk with the kids - either in their pushchairs or on their reins.

Did we relax - do we ever relax as parents? We were always conscious of where our children were, who they were talking to (or more importantly who was talking to them and why), and what they were up to.

It was a lovely week - we had lots of our family around us who helped us keep the kids entertained and we definitely made the right decision on the pushchairs :) - although not too sure what we'll do for the next one!


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