Please build, build build! - Junior Bambinos
Build your wooden play kitchens, bookcases and furniture

I know that we're only in November and Christmas Day seems a little way away but can I please express the importance of building your child's presents as early as you possibly can.

I know (only too well!) that Christmas Eve arrives, your little one's have gone to bed waiting for Santa and the 'big build' commences. 

Firstly, dependent on what you've ordered, I can guarantee that it will take you longer than you think; many a time we've still been there at 2am trying to find the right screws etc..

And... I also know your disappointment that when you open a parcel and it's broken or scratched or something is missing (we've been there too!)

We never intentionally send a parcel out like this but we do know that it happens and we do everything we can to resolve it.

We're not a business who wants to create disappointment; but we do know that on occasions breakages can occur during transit, a screw pack doesn't get put in a box etc... and I know how your heart will sink if this is 10pm on Christmas Eve!

In most cases we can get the part replaced, new screws sent out or even a whole replacement if it's needed, but unfortunately we can't do that on Christmas Eve.

I know that trying to build your little ones presents before Christmas Eve is also a struggle in itself, all we ask is if you can please do build, if you can't please open the packaging and check you've got everything.

We genuinely care that you get the right product, in the right condition first time. If that doesn't happen we always do our best to get it resolved and even if you've not had chance to build beforehand and you find any problems then please do get in touch we will get it sorted for you.