Welcome to November!

Welcome to November!!

I'm not sure about you, but I can't quite believe we're already at this point in the year.

For those of you excited to welcome your little one into the world I remember it well... 7 years ago this was us - we were so excited too but we thought our arrival would join us in December...

She arrived 3 weeks early, super fast and a little dot of 5lb 13oz - you wouldn't think that now.

So here's your little nudge or reminder to get that Hospital Bag packed and if you've not purchased your bag yet then we love the Pod Bags by Bizzi Growin - ample space for your baby's things and it converts into a little changing / snooze area too.

We've lots planned this month, we know Black Friday is upon us and many of our suppliers have launched their deals super early so we'll be sharing them with you.

We've also been in talks with new suppliers to join us and we're just going through the final arrangements to get those in place.

Exciting times ahead. Have a fab November... only 54 days till Santa gets stuck in our Chimney.. but before that I have a little girl's 7th Birthday to organise!

Take Care
Lind xx