We're back... - Junior Bambinos

It's been a little while since we've been on-line - for good reason!

Firstly some of you may / may not know that I've spent the last couple of years with my Bambinos: Jessica and Zachary and whilst I've tried to keep my hand in the business it has been incredibly difficult to juggle everything, so I decided to take some much needed time out.

Although I can't say I completely took some time out... as I would be constantly looking at how we would re-launch our business when I was ready to come back and here we are ...

If we take a quick snapshot of our history.. 

Your Eco World SiteOld EcoToyStore Childerens Eco Furniture site Junior Bambinos Old Site

  • We launched EcoToyStore back in 2009
  • YourEcoWorld followed quickly after in 2010
  • We added Childrens Eco Furniture back in 2012.
  • 2014 saw us merge both of these stores into Junior Bambinos

And then as we were expecting our first child we decided to streamline our business so that we only ran Junior Bambinos focusing primarily on Children's Toys and Furniture.

And today....

Junior Bambinos New Site We have our brand new Junior Bambinos site: a Baby and Toddler store sharing products that help you to develop your Baby Bambino into Junior Bambinos. We focus on practical, traditional and developmental products for you and your Bambinos so you'll find a range of Children's Toys, Gifts, Furniture and products that help us in being a parent.

We're Sorry

It's taken us a little while to get to where we are today - in fact it has taken much longer than expected in developing and re-launching our site. And every time we thought we were ready - we just couldn't get to it - mainly because we were putting our children first!


If I look at the site that I have developed I'm proud of the achievement and I'll be looking forward to keeping it fresh and up to date as we grow Junior Bambinos.

And Finally ... THANK YOU!

This site is for you, we want to help you develop your Bambinos, we want to share our stories with you about our 2 little one's and we want to share products that we think will help their development as they grow from Baby to Infant, to Toddler and beyond!

Thank you for having the patience whilst we developed our new site in the background and we look forward to chatting with you as we develop our brand into the market place!

Catch up with you all soon!

Lind (aka Mummy Bambino)



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