World Book Day 2022
Let’s talk World Book Day - a day where we celebrate the love of reading and the love of books. A love (or skill) that is often learnt at an early age - whether you’re engaging in the power of story-telling or just being creative.

Over the years your thirst for reading / knowledge changes and the books you read vary from Novels and Classics to Business and Theory.

Maybe one day you become a parent and then see the wonder, the excitement and the creativity in your child’s eyes as they explore, learn and question!

And then… you remember the night before that World Book Day has become a little commercialised and you need a costume for your little ones!

Well.. our eldest didn’t need a costume - not only does she hate dressing up, she’s currently at home with Chickenpox so she loved the fact she got out of it! Our youngest popped on his Superman costume because Mummy couldn’t find Willy Wonka - god knows where he was hiding it was a bold costume!! However he hated it and took it straight off 🤣!!

Has the fact that they don’t want to dress up spoilt their desire to look at and read books ? Absolutely not!!

Sometimes I just wish we didn’t commercialise what is such a simple thing in a child’s eye!! They have a thirst for learning - just let them be!