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A children's activity cube with a difference.

This 7 in 1 Garden Activity Centre from EverEarth is designed has an hexagon (therefore not strictly a cube).

With 6 sides and a Bead Activity Top, there's lots of different activities for your little one to play with and learn about.

Side 1 features flowers as a cog wheel. Let your little one spin a wheel to see how they all interconnect and turn each other.

Side 2 features a series of shapes and colours on 3 metal rods that your little Bambino can spin around and you can use to help them with their shape and colour recognition

Side 3 features a tree with several branches and different animals that you can move through the maze to the different numbers at the end of each branch.

Side 4 features a shape sorter with five different shapes to slot in - you can help your little one learn their shapes and their colours.

Side 5 features a zig zag puzzle that your little one can move the animals up and down.

Side 6 features an abacus with numbers and beads to help your little one learn their numbers and learn to count.

Bead Wire Top featuring several wires for your little one to push beads along, with a maze on the top that they can push animals around.

With plenty to play with, your little one will love playing with the Activity Centre whilst at the same time learning about: colours, shapes, numbers and animals.


A children's wooden cube featuring a range of activities to help your little one develop.

Based on the concept of a farm.

Side 1: Learn to count apples whilst also learning shapes and colours

Side 2: Rotate the cubes to spot different farm animals, vegetables, learn shapes, numbers and colours

Side 3: With the Tractor push the vegetables up and around the maze and learn how to count, learn vegetables and develop hand-eye co-ordination as you twist the veggie's along

Side 4: Rotate the Windmill and spin the cogs developing your hand eye co-ordination and focus

The detachable top features a farm bead maze that your little Bambino can twist and turn along the wires.

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