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Bambino's Learning

Bambino's Learning & Development

From Bump, to Toddler, to Child (or Junior Bambino as we like to call them) the time seems to go so fast but they learn so many new skills along the way.

When their first born you'll see them start to focus, to follow objects make sounds and begin to smile.

As the grow, they'll start to develop their teeth, learn to eat, learn to sit, to crawl, to walk.

Once they're walking they just seem to be off - starting to have a conversation with you, learning to draw, to write - the list is endless.

The amount of skills and knowledge our children pick up in such a short time frame is immense.

We'll try to help

Our journey through being parents is just like you and we are in no way experts - nor will we ever tell you what you should or shouldn't do for your little one. 

Each month we'll write about our experience and share it on the blog (below). We're big believers that play leads to learning and we encourage all types of play whether its inside or outside. On this site you'll see that we tend to specialise in wooden toys, puzzles and games to help spark that creativity and imagination.

In the meantime whilst we're writing those articles, we've created this section on our site so you can take a look around the types of things that your little one might love to have whilst learning all of their new life skills.