Meet the Team

Hi and welcome to Junior Bambinos!

We're an independent, family run business specialising in children's toys, furniture and gifts. We love tradition and focus primarily on wooden toys and furniture that are built to last - although that doesn't mean to say you wont see a few other options in our store too.

We started life as EcoToyStore back in 2009, followed shortly by ChildrensEcoFurniture and as Bambino #1 was born we streamlined our business to Junior Bambinos.

Whilst taking some time out with Bambino #1 - Bambino #2 made a fairly quick appearance and we've been taking some time behind the scenes to review our products, our ranges and we've re-branded our business launching Junior Bambinos as it's here today.

In the world of technology where things seem to be moving so so fast, we think it's important to take some quality time out with our children to play, be kids and learn some of the skills they'll need as they develop.

We're a family of four and we love to play, use our imaginations and be creative. We like to test our products for quality, creativity and play value.

And.. if we like them, but, more importantly think you'll love them... we'll share them with you.

Find out more about each one of us below... and if we can be of any help, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Linda - aka Mummy Bambino xx

Who are we?

Linda Ladley

Mummy Bambino

Alongside being a Mummy to our two little Bambino's, I run Junior Bambinos from the web design, to the marketing, to despatching your orders. It's important that you have a great experience shopping with us and I'll do my best to make sure that happens.


Shaun Ladley

Daddy Bambino

As Daddy Bambino, I support the running of Junior Bambinos and have a great opportunity to try out the products, playing with the toys alongside our littlies. It's important that the products we share are useful to you and your Bambinos enjoy playing with them.

Jessica Ladley

Bambino Tester

I'm Chief Bambino Tester; being the oldest ;). I love to see what our new products are and will tell Mummy and Daddy what I think - even if I don't like it. It's important that your Bambino's will love our products too, and... if I don't like it the product doesn't get onto our site!

Zachary Ladley

Bambino Tester

My sister might think she's 'Chief Tester', I'm not quite talking yet, but Mummy and Daddy know if I like something as my face beams. It's important that even if we can't talk, we can express whether we think it has great play value or not.

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