Here comes the Bambino!

It doesn't seem like we have babies for two minutes anymore!

There's so much around suggesting parents encourage their babies to eat, crawl, walk and talk, that the moment you came home with a little newborn in your arms starts to become a distant memory.

Our two bambino's are now in the Infant to Toddler age range and whilst they're starting to grow up, the questions we had before they arrived are similar to what we have today...

  • When is it right to move from baby from a Cot to a Bed?
  • Now they're in their own room - do they need any additional furniture?
  • As they develop is it time to change the theme of their nursery?
  • Where will I store all their toys, their books and treasures?
  • How should I design their bedroom?

We'll try to help

We're trying to work our way through parenthood just like all you mums and dads out there, so we'll share with you what we like, what we think you'll like and leave you to make your own choices. 

Each month we'll write about our experience and share it on the blog (below) as it might help you to answer some of those questions. 

In the meantime whilst we're writing those articles, we've created this section on our site so you can take a look around the types of things that your little bambino may need (or you may want them to have) from around 12 months up to 3 years.

Our focus is predominantly on children's furniture, bedroom accessories, toddler toys and gifts - so we don't have absolutely everything you may need here but hopefully we'll be able to help along the way.