Baby Walker with Blocks

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"A simple walker with lots of play value as your little one starts to walk"

What's Included

  • Wooden Walker
  • 34 Wooden Blocks

10 Activities you could use the Walker for to support their development

  • Use the Wooden Walker to learn to balance as your little one stands up and holds on.
  • As your little one takes their first steps gently glide the walker along the floor as they totter behind.
  • Use the Building Blocks to create different shapes.
  • With the Building Blocks show your little one each shape and name them so they can start to learn their shapes.
  • With the Building Blocks can them in and out of the walker; helping your little one with their numbers.
  • Use the Blocks to help your little one learn their colours as you share the colours with them.
  • With the Blocks why not create a story featuring the animal blocks too.
  • Once your little one is a little more stable, allow them to push the Walker along the room on their own as they learn to balance and develop their co-ordination skills.
  • Use the Walker as a pram for their favourite toys.

 Nice to Know Information

Suitable for Age: 1yr +
Dimensions:  34 x 27 x 36 cm | Handle Height: 36 cm

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