Bambino Development - Using a Baby Walker

Bambino Development - Using a Baby Walker

Baby Walkers can do much more than just help your little one learn to walk...

πŸ’› Use the Wooden Walker to learn to balance as your little one stands up and holds on.

πŸ’› As your little one takes their first steps gently glide the walker along the floor as they totter behind.

πŸ’› Show your little one each shape and name them so they can start to learn their shapes.

πŸ’› Push the shapes in and out of the walker counting as you go; helping your little one with their numbers.

πŸ’› Use the Blocks to help your little one learn their colours as you share the colours with them.

πŸ’› Once your little one is a little more stable, allow them to push the Walker along the room on their own as they learn to balance and develop their co-ordination skills.

πŸ’› Use the Walker to store their favourite toys.

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