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  • How to support your Baby as they develop their Reaching Skills

    Your Baby's Learning to Reach

    When your little one is around the age of 4 Months you may notice that they start trying to reach out and grab things. They might be reaching to grasp...

    Linda Ladley |

  • Move House - New Bedroom - New Beds! - Junior Bambinos

    Move House - New Bedroom - New Beds!

    We recently moved... not only our business but our house too. Which meant our little ones got a new bed and bedroom. And, of course we had to try out...

    Linda Ladley |

  • Gummee and Which! - Junior Bambinos

    Gummee and Which!

    I'm conscious that over the last few days you may have seen reports in the press regarding at least 2 products that we sell here at Junior Bambinos: The Gummee...

    Linda Ladley |

  • Stamping Stamptastic! - Junior Bambinos

    Stamping Stamptastic!

    If you've followed us on Instagram, you may have seen that we purchased 2 Stamptastic Stamps last year as our little Bambinos headed off to Nursery and Pre School.The process...

    Linda Ladley |

  • Gummee Glove Teething Mitten - Junior Bambinos

    Gummee Glove Teething Mitten

    As our little girl aka Bambino Tester Jessica got to 11mths old we looked for products that would help her teething. Here we review the Gumme Glove which we loved.

    Linda Ladley |