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Space Saver Cots

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About Space Saving Cots

When you're planning where your baby sleeps you might be looking for a Cot which is a little smaller in size; these are often referred to as Space Saving or Compact Cots.

These Cots are smaller in size than a traditional Cot or Cot Bed and will last your baby from birth until around 18 months of age. 

Whilst they don't turn into a Cot Bed, if space is tight, Space Saver Cots will be a greater starter cot for your baby. Many of our customers also choose a Space Saver Cot over a Next to Me or Bedside Crib as they can fit the Cot comfortably in their bedroom.

If a Space Saving Cot is a little too small or you're looking for a Cot which turns into a bed take a look at Mini Cot Beds which are the next size up and turn into a Toddler Bed when your little one is ready or look at Full Size Cot Beds which are the traditional full size Cot Bed which turns into a full size Toddler Bed.

You may also see some 4 in 1 Crib to Cot Beds which also give you the option to start off with a Crib and builds out to a Toddler Bed over time and will last longer than a Space Saver Cot. Take a look at our range of 4 in 1's here.

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