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Your Baby's Learning to Reach

How to support your Baby as they develop their Reaching Skills

Linda Ladley |

When your little one is around the age of 4 Months you may notice that they start trying to reach out and grab things.

They might be reaching to grasp their favourite toy or you might have hold of something that they're wanting; this is all part of their development.

Here's 5 things you can do to help them develop their reaching skills:

  1. Hold their favourite toy in front of them and slowly move it further back encouraging your little one to reach out and grasp it.
  2. Whilst on the floor use a Baby Gym above their head and interact with the toys that are dangling so they try to reach out and touch them.
  3. Use toys that make a noise such as a Rattle, firstly shake the toy so that it attracts your little one's attention and then slowly move the toy so they reach out and stretch to get it.
  4. Place their toys on the mat a little further away from where they are and see if the toys attract their attention and they try to go get them.
  5. Without the need for toys or rattles, just gently wave your hands and wiggle your fingers to see if your little one attempts to reach and grab them. 

As your little one is exploring, you might find they reach out for other objects including your hair - this is all part of them learning to see what they can get hold of.