Baby Bambino's Nursery

Welcome to the world of having a newborn baby around!

If you're first time parents there's so much for you to consider when you find out that you're having a little one and then when they arrive it's about capturing those precious milestones, those moments when your little Bambino does something for the very first time.

As parents of two little Bambino's we understand what it's like when you first find out that you're expecting and then trying to figure out what you need to buy. You'll often have questions such as:

  • What will my baby sleep in when they're born?
  • What furniture do I really need in their nursery?
  • What theme shall I have their nursery?
  • Where will I store everything?
  • When should I start to buy their furniture?

We'll try to help

In our blog we start answering some of those questions from our own experience - and we're definitely not experts - we're just a mum and dad with two little ones and hopefully by sharing some of our experience it might help you too. 

In the meantime whilst we're writing those articles, we've created this section on our site so you can take a look around the types of things that your baby may need (or you may want them to have) from birth to around 12 months.

Our focus is predominantly on baby nursery furniture, nursery accessories, baby toys and baby gifts - so we don't have absolutely everything you may need here but hopefully we'll be able to help along the way.