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Bambino's Playroom

Bambino's Playroom

Ok, so we made up the term Junior Bambino but it seemed quite fitting for those little one's who are just starting to explore the world when toddler no longer fits the bill and they're developing their own way.

As little one's become Junior Bambinos they've already experienced a huge amount in life and developed so many skills that as parents we sometimes take for granted. 


And it's at this point (or maybe even before) where you consider having a Play area or Playroom for your little one. We know that not everyone is fortunate enough to have the space for another room but you may have created an area that has become the 'go-to' play area and with that you might have the following questions ...
  • How do I create that zone / play area for my children?
  • What furniture should I consider in the play area / play room?
  • How will I store the toys that are in there?
  • What about the dreaded paint?

We'll try to help

Our journey through being parents is just like you and we are in no way experts - nor will we ever tell you what you should or shouldn't do for your little one. 

Each month we'll write about our experience and share it on the blog (below) as it might help you to answer some of those questions. 

We're big believers that play leads to learning and we encourage all types of play whether its inside or outside. On this site you'll see that we tend to specialise in wooden toys, puzzles and games to help spark that creativity and imagination.

In the meantime whilst we're writing those articles, we've created this section on our site so you can take a look around the types of things that your Junior Bambino may need (or you may want them to have) in their Playroom.

Our focus is predominantly on children's furniture, bedroom accessories, toys and gifts - so we don't have absolutely everything you may need here but hopefully we'll be able to help along the way.