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Gummee and Which!

Gummee and Which! - Junior Bambinos

Linda Ladley |

I'm conscious that over the last few days you may have seen reports in the press regarding at least 2 products that we sell here at Junior Bambinos: The Gummee Glove and the Rosa & Bo Bunny Teether - which can be found here... https://juniorbambinos.com/collections/teethers
And I wanted to pop on and share my thoughts to support a brand which has been very close to my heart since my little one was born.
'Which' is an 'impartial' review website who state they 'get the facts'. They review a product, share a snippet of that review and then ask you to pay a subscription to get the detail behind the review.
Whether suppliers pay Which to review their products I wouldn't know, it's not something that I've got too involved with. That said, over the last few days I'm disappointed with what I've seen.
Which have recently issued a 'report' which indicates that they have tested 10 top selling teething toys and 6 of them failed, one of which was Gummee - stating that the Hook and Loop (that's Velcro to me but Velcro is a brand and therefore it's known as Hook and Loop) which secures the glove to the wrist is unsafe.
I'll let you look at the pictures from Which for you to decide if that piece of material came away in such a straight line. 
You may have also seen that Gummee have been active and transparent on their Social Media pages in order to prove that their product is safe. They were safe before the Which tests and having received the information ahead of publication, Gummee proved 'again' that their product is safe, which makes me question the validity of Which's claims - mainly because they're not providing the 'facts' behind their tests to help Gummee understand how the test was conducted.
I am an avid supporter of Gummee, I've used their product for both of my babies and I've never once seen the Hook and Loop come away, let alone in an exact straight line from the Glove and never once questioned its safety knowing that they have a rigorous process for testing and quality management in place.
You will see the owner of Gummee being active on Social Media and should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with her. She's been honest, transparent and has provided proof that her products are safe.
Right now, I have no reason to remove these products from sale as I have no proof from Which that the test they conducted was accurate.