Stamping Stamptastic!

Stamping Stamptastic!

If you've followed us on Instagram, you may have seen that we purchased 2 Stamptastic Stamps last year as our little Bambinos headed off to Nursery and Pre School.

School Shoes being stamped with a Stamptastic StampThe process of naming their school clothes, bags and pens by just 'stamping' their name on; not only became a fun activity with me and the kids it was the most simplest process ever! I had visions that we'd end up buying the naming labels (I had years ago!) and I'd end up sitting there stitching them in.

The process was that simple I think we'd named everything within 30 minutes. The fact my little ones then stamped lots of paper with their names gave me an idea of whether Stamptastic did Stamps for business' too.

And.. we were in luck! We are in the process of changing our brand over; we've had a new logo and we're just designing our new stickers and Thank You cards which we send out with every order despatched direct from our warehouse at HQ.

Stamptastic Business LogoBut.. we wanted something that reflected who we are on the parcels that we send. Having spoke with Stamptastic they now do stamps for Business' and it was so simple to get a stamp created.

I popped over our logo and we love the fact they had attention to detail. Our logo features a little baby in the belly of the B which could be quite tricky to recreate on a stamp. Stamptastic requested we sent over our logo in a different file format so they could make sure they had everything just right.

When the stamp arrived, the logo caught my eye - I knew what it was straight away and of course I opened it and started stamping...

Over the last few weeks we've started to add the stamp to our parcels as they're despatched and we're finding the stamp works well - the only thing we did notice was it didn't work too well on the shiny labels that came out of the laser printer (we tried to stamp onto the despatch label) but that didn't detract from the endless possibilities of being able to stamp!

Once again Stamptastic have created a product that has not only made my life easier but helps name everything we do! Thanks again...


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